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Towards the Right Dose of Precision Medicine

June 07, 2018 Emil Plesnik
Determining the optimal medication dose for an individual patient is challenging, as no two patients are the same in the sense of drug absorption, distribution, and clearance. The dosing decision is a complex one, especially for medications with narrow therapeutic ranges, but also for patients with impaired physiological functions and comorbidities. To add to the challenge, clinicians now face ...
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The journey to a paperless hospital – The importance of having a proven rollout methodology

June 01, 2018 Anže Droljc
When it comes to supporting healthcare with IT, having a great product is just one quarter of the puzzle. There are several reasons why vendors and care providers struggle when it comes to implementing and achieving a really good adoption of healthcare IT. Then there is also the challenge of what to do with a patient’s existing clinical data. And, since you are buying new software, this typically ...
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The journey to a paperless hospital - How to identify and address the challenges shaping technology adoption in a clinical environment

February 12, 2018 Anže Droljc
Once you spend uncountable hours prototyping, designing, developing, and polishing your brand-new app, you are usually quite confident that everyone will really want to have it and use it. After all, that's why you developed it in the first place, right? It turns out that achieving good adoption of IT solutions, especially in healthcare, is a bit trickier and challenging. Once you deploy your ...
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The journey to a paperless hospital – where to begin, even if you are already on the way

December 11, 2017 Anže Droljc
It is highly unlikely that your hospital or trust has no IT whatsoever. Likely, your organisation already has dozens, if not hundreds, of healthcare applications and solutions. Unfortunately, all of these systems are probably not truly integrated, which can make it extremely difficult for medical teams to get a single, unified, and up-to-date summary of a patient’s condition and ongoing care ...
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Successfully Achieving HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 Certification Using a Clinical System Based on an Open Platform – the Journey to Becoming a Paperless Hospital

October 02, 2017 Anže Droljc
When we started working with University Children’s Hospital Ljubljana (UCHL) and PICU, Slovenia, they had practically no IT support whatsoever. According to HIMSS EMRAM they were at stage 0.
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What a Comprehensive Medication Management System Is, and Why You Need It

May 08, 2017 Anže Droljc
Imagine a paperless hospital where an advanced and continually evolving medication management system not only helps care teams deal with prescribing, administering, and reviewing medications in an efficient, safe, and transparent way, but also provides a host of other benefits: efficiency from rollout to training and support, improved care outcomes, increased safety, and elements which empower ...
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The Journey to a Paperless Hospital: Why Medication Management is the Key

April 11, 2017 Anže Droljc
Even without IT solutions, the healthcare environment is a complex one. Although implementing healthcare solutions can have positive effects on patient outcomes and improve patient safety, it is important that these solutions do not further complicate things and become a distraction for medical teams. For healthcare IT solutions to truly have a positive impact, they must be simple to use, have ...
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Postmodern EHR: Solving the feral systems dilemma

January 30, 2017 Tomaž Gornik
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Feral systems are software solutions developed by individuals or groups to help with day-to-day activities. They are called feral (or “wild”) because they are used in addition to core IT systems, working around key system architecture - more often than not without the blessing of management.
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7 key features that are crucial for a quick adoption of an electronic medication management system

October 19, 2016 Anže Droljc
Implementing a medication management solution in a Trust or a hospital typically represents a challenge for everyone involved in the project but especially for the care teams that have to change and adapt their processes to the new solution. Although there are many articles and research papers that explain how electronic medication management systems reduce errors and improve patient safety the ...
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The Postmodern EHR: The Data Layer

May 04, 2016 Tomaž Gornik
When it comes to health data interoperability, there are two schools of thought. The first believes that since there are so many systems already in place, we should agree on the exchange format (and recently the APIs) and convert the proprietary data into that format as needed. This is the preferred approach today when faced with a large installed base of megasuite solutions. The focus here is on ...
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