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The Postmodern EHR: What can Health IT learn from the evolution of the ERP market?

December 22, 2015 Tomaž Gornik
I had not followed the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software market closely, but I remember everyone declaring victory for the all-in-one megasuite products not so long ago. It became obvious that the best-of-breed approach had failed, mostly due to the difficulty and cost of integrating disparate systems. The integrated, single-vendor systems emerged as the best practice approach, despite ...
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Digital business in healthcare - are we there yet?

December 21, 2015 Anže Droljc
Recently I have come across several articles on the topic of digital business. Everyone is talking about it. I was really surprised when I heard that GE - the biggest manufacturing company in the world, decided to go digital ;) They have been manufacturing physical products for 140 years and now all of a sudden they want to become a service company. They will no longer sell locomotives but will ...
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