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Seven things to think about before buying an ePMA

October 31, 2018 Tjaša Zajc
  The reasons for implementing an electronic prescribing and medication management system, or ePMA, are clear. An ePMA reduces the stress of healthcare workers, and also helps to save the lives of patients. While ePMA systems might already seem to be a self-evident and indispensable part of every hospital in today’s digital age, many hospitals are only just starting their digital transformation. ...
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OPENeP, medication management, Medication administration, Medication reconciliation discharge summary, EMRAM 6, comprehensive

The journey to a paperless hospital – The importance of having a proven rollout methodology

June 01, 2018 Anže Droljc
When it comes to supporting healthcare with IT, having a great product is just one quarter of the puzzle. There are several reasons why vendors and care providers struggle when it comes to implementing and achieving a really good adoption of healthcare IT. Then there is also the challenge of what to do with a patient’s existing clinical data. And, since you are buying new software, this typically ...
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What a Comprehensive Medication Management System Is, and Why You Need It

May 08, 2017 Anže Droljc
Imagine a paperless hospital where an advanced and continually evolving medication management system not only helps care teams deal with prescribing, administering, and reviewing medications in an efficient, safe, and transparent way, but also provides a host of other benefits: efficiency from rollout to training and support, improved care outcomes, increased safety, and elements which empower ...
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